Located in Central Scotland within easy reach of both Edinburgh and Glasgow international airports,
BenAlpin Limited was founded in 2000 with the aim of offering a ‘one-stop’ personal service to clients.

Our lead Consultant and Director, Lachlan Gunn, has a working background of 32 years. He has direct
experience of managing businesses and has founded an overseas subsidiary for a major multi-national
plc. He has strong relationships with Banks and Financial institutions, both in the UK and
internationally. He is also the
Co-Founder and Executive Director of a specialist international team
EAST) that looks at security issues faced by cash machines and other payment terminals. Lachlan is
the Owner of the
ATM Security Group on LinkedIn and is an Associate of the Institute for Independent
Business,.  He is also an author and has published his first novel 'Merdeka', a book set in Malaya in
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or payment terminals?  If so, why don't you apply to join the ATM
Security Group on LinkedIn.  With more than 2,000 members, this Group
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Lachlan speaks on security issues at international industry conferences and Seminars, has extensive
experience of the commercial security sector and has carried out assignments or presented in the
following locations:

Austria; Belgium; Chile; Croatia; Dubai; France; Germany; India; Indonesia; Ireland; Italy; Hong
Kong;  Lebanon; Lithuania;  Malaysia; Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Singapore; Spain; Taiwan;
Thailand;  United Kingdom

An exciting first novel by Lachlan Gunn

'Merdeka' (freedom or independence in Malay) is set in Malaya in
1957. The story covers both sides in the conflict and moves from
jungle combat to romance on a tropical beach..... it shows the
emotional cost of war!

“Merdeka is an excellent first novel from an exciting new author
about the Malayan Emergency - a forgotten war and an emerging
theme for contemporary fiction.”
 The British Army Rumour Service   Read the full review

"This is a crisply told tale with a strong narrative line and a cast
of well-drawn characters."
 Trevor Royle - Broadcaster and Author

"Merdeka is a military book that smoothly finds the balance
between love, history and warfare."
  QARANC.co.uk - Read the full review
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Co-Founder of the European
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Owner of the ATM Security
Group on LinkedIn